Jorge Chávez grows and renews himself

Lima Airport Partners is building the most important airport infrastructure project in Peru. A work that will turn the country into the main air hub in South America, will generate benefits for millions of passengers and development opportunities for the neighboring towns of the project.

The new Jorge Chávez

AIR Side
Ready 2022
A. Second airstrip
3,480 meters long

B. A new control tower
(65 meters high approximately )
Last generation navigation system

Ready 2024
C. New passenger terminal
Scalable design that will answer to the future demand of passengers.

From 2024
D.Airport City
The project will be completed with a new concept of “Airport City”, a commercial exchange platform of 1’100,000 m2 that will revalue the Constitutional Province of Callao and the city of Lima.

The are of the new airport will be of approximately 9 million m2 . The same size as the district of Miraflores.

Ability to receive more than 35 million passengers per year

The frequency of aircrafts may be increased.