First phase: January 2005

  • In 2001 the airport had 39 467 m², and in 2005 it was extended to 65 528 m². The following infrastructure was developed:

  • A new commercial zone, Peru Plaza, of 5 500 m².

  • A new national and international boarding areas.

  • A new cargo building, which subsequently gave rise to the LAP airmail cargo center and which today has a capacity of 8000 tons in 24 hours.

  • A 60 / 10KV electrical substation, with 12 MVA of power, including the 60 KV transmission line.


Second phase: January 2009

The following infrastructure was developed:

  • Expansion of the International Pier to 8850 m², the construction of seven new waiting rooms, the placement of seven additional boarding bridges and the authorization of four new commercial licensees.

  • The expansion of the Central Pier to 5301 m²: Migration areas were expanded by placing 6 control areas for passenger arrival and four new control positions for departure.

  • The extension of the National Pier in 4146 m². Five new waiting rooms were built and five new boarding bridges were installed.

  • The expansion of the South Platform to 12000 m².


Third phase:

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