Callao, October 12, 2018

After approval of the EIA, LAP will begin the process of environmental remediation of the land for the new airport infrastructure.

Today, the necessary transition measures are being implemented to optimize the operation of the current terminal.

After 10 days, SENACE approved the Modification of the Environmental Impact Study (MEIA) of the expansion project of the Jorge Chávez International Airport

This will allow LAP to begin work before the end of this year with the environmental remediation of the land destined for the new infrastructure of the airport, and be able to comply with delivering the new infrastructure within the terms established in the concession contract. Maximum term of 4 years for the track and 6 years for the terminal. "The approval of this study opens a new stage in LAP and Jorge Chávez. "Our work now includes a variety of social and environmental programs that we are sure will benefit the areas near the airport. We are committed not only to our growth but also to the growth of our neighbors in Callao" commented Julissa Salavarria, Manager of Management Systems of LAP. It should be noted that LAP continues to implement the necessary transition measures to optimize the operation of the current terminal.

For example, the modernization and expansion of important terminal areas such as the national departures area are currently being completed and the increase of 16 check-in counters, or a new room of domestic baggage reclaim.