Callao, Peru, Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Lima Airport Partners presented the preliminary design for the new terminal of the Jorge Chávez International Airport.

The terminal, which will star operations in 2024, will have an initial capacity to serve 35 million passengers annually. The design, will have terraces, which will help to mitigate the irregular geometry of the site between the piers; a light roof that will provide adequate lighting, green areas that will improve the passenger experience and contribute to improving air quality.

It should be noted that this milestone is part of the Expansion Project of the airport under the responsability of Lima Airport Partners and that it foresees an investment of  $1 million daily during its execution.

Additionally, it was announced that, in a second stage, LAP proposes to develop a new airport city concept: Airport City. This new proposal will create a link between the city and the airport, which will generate new economic zones that complement both the airport and the city, such as logistics, freight, business, transport and free areas that will be diversified in approximately 150 hectares. This project foresees an approximate investment of US $ 600 million

Finally, it was informed that as part of the Expansion Project, more than 17 thousand families from 46 localities will benefit from the various programs and jobs that will be created. In that sense, it will be trained and LAP will work han in hand with the surrounding communities.